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We are incredibly proud to be a part of Oddbird community, where we celebrate time-honored Turkish tradition of rug weaving. Oddbird is dedicated to bringing traditional handmade Turkish textiles to a new generation. They believe in ethically made slow fashion that is focused on quality, design and multi-use functionality. 

Check out our latest interview w/ Oddbird from here.

Together, we are featuring 4 original designs, two AniStudio classics, and two Oddbird-inspired pieces to US markets!! These gorgeous textiles,  are a modern take on Traditional Turkish handcrafted carpeting.  Designed to transition from hanging tapestry to floor rugs, complete with hook fasteners for easy wall attachment that also lay flat on the ground for seamless use, these incredible pieces will bring culture and warmth to any space!

Click here for more information. 

Concept & Mood Board Exploration

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